About the Maker

Psalms 139:14 

.... how wonderful are your works, my soul knows it very well. 


I am a modge-podge of sorts. Exposed to different cultures, different experiences, different styles...an overall different life. 

I'm a wife, a mom, a teacher, a musician, a writer, a business women, a foodie and so much more... 

I'm sweet and salty. I'm peanut butter and banana. I'm silk and wool. I'm purple and gold. I'm hot sauce and popcorn. 

The things that I enjoy aren't wrapped up into one genre. And I know I'm not alone in that sentiment. So I wanted to create a space, where I can share ALL the facets of myself. 

Specifically, I'm a sucker for a good earring, or a good piece of jewelry...something unique... so you could find that 'and then some' in the market. It's whatever makes my heart sing as a I create. Colors, textures, patterns, I love it ALL!

My hope is that anyone who visits the market, can find a piece of themselves; their style, their aspirations or their creativity. That they discover an untapped part of their personality by shopping with us. 

I hope what you find here, stirs variety, creativity and beautiful stories.